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 Interactive Digital Signage    

Welcome to the future with SteriVision An Automated Employee Kiosk.

Your new SteriVision automated employee Kiosk will be available 24 / 7 – 365 days per year – and will never be late to work, call in sick, leave its position, or steal from you.

Your new SteriVision automated employee Kiosk is a mobile hand sanitizing / digital media system that is specifically designed to immediately capture your audience while associating your business with an important public service – HAND HYGIENE. 

Advertise and promote your message on the only Hand Sanitizing Kiosk in the world that combines a touch free deck mounted sanitizing dispenser and digital point of purchase with media advertising.

SteriVision has a unique interactive video screen that plays video and audio advertisements.  These advertisements are wirelessly downloaded from a secure server and your marketing team can schedule them to play at any specified time. 

SteriVision can also interface with your point of sale system.   Customers can enter the store, watch a video ad while sanitizing their hands, place orders for your Deli counter, Restaurant or Bakery and then pay for them with a swipe of a credit card right at the kiosk.

They will then take the printed receipt from the kiosk to pick up their order when they reach that department... no waiting in line!


Operator Benefits:

 Increased sales of products advertised at the kiosk while customers are sanitizing hands.

 Increased sales in the Deli and other departments where implemented

 Enhanced customer loyalty and pull-through revenues

 Higher throughput

 Automatic maintenance of items and prices

 Competitive differentiation

 Brand re-enforcement

 Proof of play reports for the video advertising at each kiosk

 Targeted ad campaigns, each kiosk throughout the world is unique and addressable for targeted advertising based on local demographics

Customer Benefits

 Fast Order Entry, Little or no wait time to enter an order.

 Eliminates frustrating non-productive time while waiting for number to be called.

 Kiosk at entrances allows orders to be placed immediately, reducing time waiting for preparation.

 Kiosk remembers customer’s past orders and allows them to be repeated with a single touch.

 Counter employees focused on customer service rather than combined customer service / preparation role.

 Order bakery, deli, floral and hot food items at the same time, from the same Kiosk.

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