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Let our Custom Sintra Window Panels sell for you

Sintra Graphic Panels

Use those windows that you have as billboards! Get the message out and let people know what you sell. Simply adhereSintra panels to the outside of your windows and bring your retail store to life and be seen.

Real World Example:

One of our customers has a store where adrive thru of a major coffee and donut shoppasses by hisside storewindow. We told him to utilize that window as a billboard totry and catch the attention of customers who sat in line all day. We added the simple graphic on the side showing thathe sold CellPhones and Accessories and had an arrow pointing toward his frontdoor. He said his accessory business has quadrupled since headded the signage.

Here is the same store after the sintra was installed:

Send us an email and we will show you what we can do for your location!


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